In this guide, you’ll learn how to set up AWS CLI with AWS Single Sign-On (SSO) in 5 steps.

This extension adds L1 construct snippets from AWS CDK into Visual Studio Code.

This tutorial shows how you can easily deploy containers on your existing VPC with AWS Copilot CLI.


When you start a project where you’re containerizing your applications, it’s pretty easy to get started locally and develop your container images. …

This blogpost provides free resources for beginners to get started with AWS through videos, whitepapers, labs, and certification guides.

Update AWS CDK Pipelines to run multiple actions in parallel in one stage.

The AWS CDK Pipelines is a higher level construct that creates a customized AWS Codepipeline specifically for deploying CDK stacks on AWS Accounts and automatically manages the following:

  • Stack dependency order.
  • Asset publishing.
  • Keeping the pipeline up-to-date as the CDK apps change.
  • Using stack outputs later on in the pipeline.

Automatically complete AWS CloudFormation resource properties with CloudFormation Snippets in VS Code.

This guide will show you how to automatically set up your Macbook or Linux machine using Ansible and dotfiles.

This article explains how to automatically update all your system packages in a single command.

This article explains how to add cfn-lint in AWS CodePipeline using a custom AWS CodeBuild project.

With this guide on the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam, you should get fully prepared to pass the exam on the first attempt!

The number of courses and content that is available to study for one of the most popular exams: AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate can be overwhelming. I’ve created a complete guide that makes sure you can study effectively and pass in one go!


My goal is to write a guide on every AWS Certified exam that AWS offers. This is my second article on this series and will contain everything you need to know to successfully prepare you for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam [SAA-C02].

Danny Steenman

AWS Cloud Consultant, Writer, Community Builder. Writing articles about Amazon Web Services.

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